Welcome to the Alumni Page!

TRIO Wolf Creek is very proud to have you as an alumni and would like to continue to have you a part of our school. The following items are to connect you with Wolf Creek.

– Alumni Follow-Up Info – Click Here
Once completed, please send to Brenda Swanson at bswanson@wolfcreekhs.org

– TRIO Wolf Creek Alumni Survey – Click Here

– Alumni LinkedIn – Check out our Alumni LinkedIn page

Dear Wolf Creek Alumni,

Wolf Creek would like to welcome you to the Alumni Association. The Wolf Creek Alumni Association is accessible through our website, listed below, where events and contact information forms are available. In the near future look for an alumni newsletter highlighting our TWC graduates as well as information about an alumni get-together. We will also be posting other great opportunities that occur within TWC such as the college fair and e-mentoring.

We need your help to get this association off the ground and would love to hear from you. Please help us get in touch with your fellow alumni by spreading the word about the Wolf Creek Alumni information by sharing the link. If you know of others who did graduate from Wolf Creek who did not receive this letter, please let us know. We want to reach every alumni member to make this association as strong as possible. Also, remember to update the alumni association when you move or change email addresses by using the email listed below.

If you are interested in working to create and plan alumni activities, please contact me at 651-213-2037, and we will be in touch.

I look forward to reconnecting with you.

Brenda Swanson
Dean of Students