Student of the Month

Students of the month are honored at Wolf Creek in recognition of academic achievements, positive attitudes, and contributions to the school and community. Students are nominated by their Learning Managers and elected through a series of voting by the staff.

CONGRATULATIONS to Alexis Peterson & Amanda Wallin!

Alexis Peterson – Alexis is determined to graduate this year, so she can pursue the career path she has in mind (nursing). Not only does Alexis communicate with her Learning Manager regularly to check-in and to ask questions when needed, but she also meets weekly with Sandy via Google Hangouts for math help. She has been tackling some 2.25 credit terms, which have been heavy on the cores, and has been successful. Her Learning Manager is extremely proud of how far she has come academically. She’s just an awesome student!

Amanda Wallin – Amanda made a great decision this year to cut back her work hours and focus on school work. She also made the decision to go a slow and steady route to ensure her success. (Which is still three cores a term.) She has passed all of her classes this year. In term one she was done with her classes a week early, and term two she was mostly done with her classes two weeks early! Her Learning Manager is very proud of the turn around that she has made in order to be successful.

CONGRATULATIONS to Samara Sandstrom & Jonathan Swanson!

Samara Sandstrom – Samara is an awesome student. When she first came to Wolf Creek, she wasn’t sure that online-learning was going to be a good fit for her. Then, she started coming to campus and things changed. Samara comes to campus every Tuesday and Thursday and stays for the entire day. She is productive and uses her time wisely. Samara even finished her Term 2 classes early, earning As and Bs in all of them at the end of the term. Overall, Samara is a respectful student and a hard worker.

Jonathan Swanson – Jonathan had an amazing Term 2 this year. He finished up five core classes to graduate. He worked steadily all term and actually finished the term a whole week early. His Learning Manager says that she enjoys working with him and is really proud of him.

CONGRATULATIONS to Asya Arends & Landon Eichinger!

Asya Arends – Asya has been doing an amazing job so far this year. She has the motivation to get her assignments done on time each week. She’s been very self-disciplined this year as well. She has been making her own coursework plans and following through on them. Asya also communicates with her LM regularly and always makes sure to respond right away. Overall, she’s been a rockstar this year!

Landon Eichinger – Landon started at Wolf Creek last year. He has really proven to be an awesome online student. He gets his assignments done on time each week. He communicates with his LM regularly and will ask for help when he needs it. This is in addition to working outside of school. Overall, he’s doing an excellent job!

CONGRATULATIONS to Mackenzie Karas & Kaylee Linda!

Mackenzie Karas – Kenzie is a Senior who is on track to graduate early. She consistently works hard in her courses and exemplifies a mature, independent online learner. She has been working with Lindsay Miller over the past year to make plans for following high school and is actively working on college applications.

Kaylee Linda – Kaylee joined Wolf Creek this year. She has a very tough schedule every term to graduate in June and she works full-time. Kaylee is on track every week, she checks in frequently and is so thankful to Wolf Creek for giving her the opportunity to earn her diploma. After she graduates, she wants to enter into a cosmetology program and work as a hairstylist.

CONGRATULATIONS to Alyssa Dickinson & Kayla Misenor!

Alyssa Dickinson – Alyssa is a senior who started at Wolf Creek at the beginning of her junior year. She is a dedicated student who submits excellent work. Alyssa reaches out for help and communicates with her Learning Manager. She is interested in attending college for either psychology or marketing.

Kayla Misenor – This is Kayla’s second year as a Wolf Creek student and will graduate on time. Kayla is great about communicating with her Learning Manager and putting in the time necessary to do well in her classes. She completes 100% of her course work at home and is a great example of being a successful Wolf Creek student who works from home.

CONGRATULATIONS to Amber Romleski & Edwin Vazquez!

Amber Romleski – Amber is starting her senior year and has two classes to make up for lost credits. She elected to take the two extra classes in terms 1 & 2 and after only three weeks of the term, she is already at a passing percentage in one of her core classes (Chemistry) and really close to passing in another core class (U.S. History). Amber has been persistent with getting her work completed and getting caught up after being dealt a tough hand to start her high school career as a freshman. Needless to say, Amber has turned things around over the past four years and her learning manager is very proud of her accomplishments!

Edwin Vazquez – Edwin is a senior this year and has been attending Wolf Creek since his 9th-grade year. Edwin has been motivated this year to stay on track and has been shown consistent effort in all of his courses. He balances working full-time with a full schedule of core courses. He is very respectful and maintains a positive attitude.

CONGRATULATIONS to Brady Larson & Kylee Vobr!

Brady Larson – Brady has been with Wolf Creek for 4 years and is now graduating. He has passed all of his courses, typically with Bs and Cs.  He is a great communicator and very independent. He is applying to MCAD for movie production.  Overall, Brady is just a really good kid who has flourished at Wolf Creek and is grateful to everyone here who has helped him. Good Luck Brady!

Kylee Vobr – Kylee is a freshman this year. She attends campus on a regular basis and works hard on her courses to do her best. She took a full course load in Terms 1-3, earning high grades and is on track to pass everything this term. She has strong communication skills and asks questions when needed. We have enjoyed getting to know Kylee this year and look forward to her return next year.

CONGRATULATIONS to Alexandra Hervig & Owen Quinn!

Alexandra Hervig – Alex is an 11th-grade student who started with us in Term 2. She has worked hard the past two terms on her Pre-Calculus. She made the decision to continue the Pre-calc sequence, even when offered an easier math class to fulfill her math requirements because she’s college-bound. Alex has been advocating for herself when she needs help in math and asking to work in Google Hangouts. She’s also getting As and Bs in all of her other classes and has been taking 2.25 credits each term by choice.

Owen Quinn – This is Owen’s second year at Wolf Creek. Owen is a very responsible student who is always smiling. He consistently attends campus and is always on track from week to week. Owen works on assignments at home and also has a part-time job. Owen is now caught up in credits after struggling for one year in traditional school and falling behind in credits. His goal this year is to get all As and Bs to qualify for a lower car insurance rate!

CONGRATULATIONS to Morgan Enget & Jeremiah Olson!

Morgan Enget – Morgan is a Senior this year. She has a positive, upbeat personality and her good vibes are always noticeable on campus. She always has a positive mindset even when she seems to be falling behind in classes. Morgan has passed all of her classes this year so far and is on track to graduate at the end of the year. She comes to campus regularly, communicates well with her LM, and always keeps herself organized by tracking her assignments for each class on notecards and crossing them off as she completes them. She just got her first job recently, and has been able to handle juggling both school and work without issue!

Jeremiah Olson – Jeremiah is a Junior and was new to Wolf Creek at the beginning of the year. Jeremiah works 100% from home and continues to be successful term after term. Jeremiah takes his course work very seriously and works Sunday-Thursday so that come Friday he knows exactly what (if anything) he’s missing from the week. He is great about reaching out to teachers for help/clarification if needed. Jeremiah is also on track to graduate early!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jake Guzik & Collin Pechman!

Jake Guzik – Jake is someone who comes to campus consistently and asks for help when he needs it. He works from home on assignments he is able to complete independently and works on assignments he needs help with on campus. Jake is new this year, he has adjusted to Wolf Creek well and is really liking it so far. Jake continues to make progress in his classes and is on track!

Collin Pechman – Collin is a 9th grader that started at the beginning of the year.  He was pretty sure that a traditional school would not work for him and thought that online school would suit him better.  He has done great since starting. He completes his work and is on track every week, earning As and Bs each term.  He is a very good kid who wants to succeed in life.

CONGRATULATIONS to Samantha Brewer & Brandon Good!

Samantha Brewer – Samantha has been doing a great job of keeping up with her classes, communicating, and putting in the extra effort. Samantha is very ambitious and decided to take the maximum number of credits allowed each term this year.

Brandon Good – Brandon is new at Wolf Creek this year. From the very start, he was a rockstar. He works hard to earn As and Bs in his classes. He also does an awesome job with communicating with his LM, working AHEAD in his classes, having a positive attitude always, and completing extensions to boost his core grades since he usually has extra time at the end of the term.

CONGRATULATIONS to Blake Erickson & Talia Martinson!

Blake Erickson – Blake is always a friendly face to have on campus. He loves participating in community awareness activities and encouraging others to join. Blake always seeks help from teachers and really pushes himself to do his best.

Talia Martinson – Talia is an amazing student! She communicates really well and does amazing work. She is investigating PSEO and plans to attend PSEO for both her Junior and Senior year. She plans to take a full load the rest of her Sophomore year so she will be prepared for PSEO. Talia is looking into a career in the medical field. Talia is also involved in her community with soccer, 4H, and activities through her church.

CONGRATULATIONS to Lili Boyer & Dalton Schlegel!

Lili Boyer – Lili is having a great year. She passed all of her Term 1 classes and is on track in Term 2. She will graduate at the end of term 2. Lili is interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology or mechanical engineering.

Dalton Schlegel – Dalton is having an awesome year, and it is all him! He is working hard, communicating well, and staying healthy!! Dalton’s Learning Manager and the Wolf Creek staff are proud of his accomplishments this year.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan Hoffman & Nick Maidl!

Ryan Hoffman – Ryan Hoffman is an amazing student. Ryan is an 11th grader who started with us at the beginning of 10th grade. Ryan is very conscientious about completing all of his work each week. He communicates really well with his Learning Manager and asks for help when he needs it. He started a job in North Branch this term and is still staying on track in his classes. His goal is to maintain at least a B average and he is right on track with this goal as he works to finish up Extension assignments this term. He is thinking about looking into PSEO for his senior year.

Nick Maidl – Nick has been with us since last year and is always a pleasure to have on campus. He works hard not only for himself, but to motivate others around him. Nick is always friendly and willing to participate in all community awareness on campus. He will graduate early next term!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kaitlin Bielicki & Brooke Hoppe!

Kaitlin Bielicki – Kaitlin is a senior who is an amazing student. She is on track to graduate early at the end of Term 3. She communicates well and works ahead in her classes and turns in amazing work. She is currently investigating various options for next year to prepare for a career. Great work Kaitlin!

Brooke Hoppe – Brooke is a senior who started in Term 3 of last year. She was not in the greatest place academically and personally. Since then, Brooke has found stability in her life. She is working at Stewie’s Sub Shop and makes sure she has Tuesdays and Thursdays off to come to campus. She is on track in her classes and plans to attend Bethel as a PSEO student in the Spring. We are very proud of your progress, Brooke!

CONGRATULATIONS to Lexi Anderson & Ivy Guerrero-Bravo!

Lexi Anderson – Lexi started at Wolf Creek as a 10th grader.  her goal was to graduate at the end of her 11th grade.  With a summer class this year, she should accomplish this goal.  Lexi has worked really hard to get good grades in all her classes this year.  She plans to attend Minnesota State University, Mankato for their nursing program.

Ivy Guerrero-Bravo – Ivy is a determined senior this year.  She worked extremely hard this year and is excited to graduate with the class of 2018.  Teachers and staff are very proud of Ivy and her accomplishments!

CONGRATULATIONS to Anna Nelson and Nathan Reiter!

Anna Nelson – This is Anna’s first year at Wolf Creek. Anna works primarily off campus, but does come to campus to check-in and drop of homework assignments.  This term, Anna created a plan to stay on track from week to week. So far, she has done an outstanding job at sticking with the plan and has completed each week’s assignments on time or before they are due.  Anna communicates with her Learning Manager weekly.  The Wolf Creek staff are very proud of Anna’s efforts this term and the change that she has made to improve!

Nathan Reiter – This is Nathan’s first full term at Wolf Creek.  Nathan works really hard in his classes every day and seeks out help when he needs it. He meets multiple times a week with his Learning Manager and Math Teacher to get help with assignments. These meetings are held online via google hangouts. Well done Nathan!

CONGRATULATIONS to Briannah Erickson and Cole Littlefield!

Briannah Erickson – This is Briannah’s second year at Wolf Creek. Briannah is a sweet and unselfish young lady that always puts others before herself.  This year Briannah has been working extremely hard to catch up on credits and graduate in June.  Briannah is a valued member of the Wolf Creek Council and is always willing to help with school activities.  After graduation, Briannah will continue her education at Century College.

Cole Littlefield – This is Cole’s third year at Wolf Creek.  Cole is a kind, helpful, and independent young man. Cole manages his schoolwork on his own and lets his Learning Manager know where he is at each week.  He has been on track in his courses each week and works hard to make sure that his work is submitted and complete. He asks for help when needed, attends Math Lab, and follows through on his word.  He has helped other Wolf Creek students, too, by driving to pick them up and get them to campus to work.  He is fun to work with and we are all proud of his effort!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jordyn Wald & Nina Hertaus!

Jordyn Wald – This is Jordyn’s first year at Wolf Creek. She is a Junior balancing college courses at Northwestern University, a 1.25 credit load at Wolf Creek, and a part-time job.  She is very motivated and organized.  She does an excellent job at initiating communication with teachers.  She asks questions as needed, strives to do her best work, and sets goals to meet in her future.

Nina Hertaus is a senior who will graduate one term early this year.  She has been with Wolf Creek for over a year and has grown in her online skills each term and is an exceptional student.  She communicates well with her Learning Manager and has plans to attend college this fall.  She has been accepted at Hamline University and is still looking into other colleges.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tessa Franer and Mackenzie Karas!

Tessa Franer is a senior that will be graduating early after this term.  She started during Term 1 and struggled at first and then started coming to lab during Term 1.  She worked hard and finished up the term.  This term, she has been working hard all term and is right on track in her classes.  We are really proud of her!

Mackenzie Karas is here at Wolf Creek for the first time.  She has done an excellent job at organizing her schedule at home and on campus.  She checks in regularly with her Learning Manager, asking questions about courses and making sure that she is staying on track.  She is very motivated and takes pride in her work!  She has started volunteering this past month and is planning a college visit at the end of the month (she is only a sophomore!).  Her Learning Manager has really enjoyed working with her this year and looks forward to helping her reach her goals.

CONGRATULATIONS to Caleb Killian and Caysone Phommasy!

Caleb Killian is a senior planning to graduate after Term 2. Caleb consistently comes to campus and completes amazing work. This term he has worked hard to meet his goal with even better grades than in the past! Caleb is planning to pursue the trades after graduation and is looking into pipe fitting.  Keep up the good work Caleb!

Caysone Phomassy had an excellent Term 1, made significant improvement in his classes, passing all his classes with high grades!  Caysone communicates well with his learning manager and responds quickly. We are proud of you Caysone and keep working hard!

CONGRATULATIONS to Molly Baker and Alyshia Hanser!

Molly Baker  is a returning student at Wolf Creek.  Molly has made awesome progress this term and will finish her classes on time.  Molly communicates exceptionally well which aids in her success.  Molly lives on her own and is training to become a manager at Arby’s.  Congratulations Molly, we are really proud of you!

Alyshia Hanser strives to do her best and holds herself to high expectations and is maintaining high marks in her classes.  Alyshia shows true acts of kindness towards others and her sweet personality is contagious.  Way to go Alyshia!  Continue the hard work!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cullen Peter and Donald Huffman!

Cullen Peter is new to Wolf Creek this year and is doing awesome! Cullen asks questions when he has them, has demonstrated great communication skills, and sets a good example for those around him both online and on campus. He is on track with his classes week
after week and works hard to keep up with his assignments.

Donald “DJ” Huffman has been staying on top of his classes this year while working part-time at the new Casey’s in Chisago City!  DJ is friendly and always willing to help out at school. He attends campus regularly and sets a good example for those around him.

CONGRATULATIONS to Riley Connell and Leah Schwelling!

Riley Connell returned to Wolf Creek this past winter to finish her high school education.  She took an overage of credits in order to graduate on time, and successfully completed all her courses by the May 25th deadline.  Riley works hard and takes pride in her work.  She is respectful and friendly on campus.

Leah Schwelling is a graduating senior at Wolf Creek.  Leah is an exceptional student who works really hard and communicates very well with her Learning Manager and content teachers.  Leah is planning to attend Century College in the fall and will be pursuing a career as a Dental Hygienist.  We are really proud of Leah and her hard work has paid off!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cheyenne Davidson and Nicole Johnson!

Cheyenne Davidson is in her 2nd year at Wolf Creek. Cheyenne attends campus each week and works very hard on her classes. She strives to be a good student and get good grades. Cheyenne participates in school events by being a member of the WC Council and being a lunch assistant. Cheyenne struggled at previous schools and is thriving at Wolf Creek!

Nicole Johnson came to Wolf Creek from Cambridge High School. She has excelled in classes and is a responsible online learner. Wolf Creek is a great place for Nicole!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kailey Collins and Jax Ebbenga

 Kailey Collins has been with Wolf Creek for two years and is an excellent student that also works outside of school.  She self-advocates and follows the weekly assignment checklist very well.  She has shown initiative to participate in school testing (ACT and MCA). Nominated by her Learning manager Lindsay Jarombek.

Jax Ebbenga is a senior on track to graduate.  He has been at Wolf Creek for two years.  Jax works hard to pass his courses.  Jax has a full schedule of core courses this year and is motivated to graduate.  He communicates with his Learning Manager on a weekly basis.  He is respectful and follows through on his word.  Nominated by his Learning Manager Hanna Coleman.

CONGRATULATIONS to Stephon Caprioni and Dominique Sayre

Stephon Caprioni came to Wolf Creek in Term 1 this school year, and despite some challenges, passed all his classes.  Stephon is so open and appreciative of his Learning Manager’s guidance and replies every Friday to say “Thank you!”   “I see so much potential in him”, states his Learning Manager, Becki Olseen.  Wolf Creek is excited to celebrate Stephon’s accomplishments.

Dominique Sayre is a junior who is now in her 2nd year at Wolf Creek.  Dominique stays on track each week and turns in exceptional work.   She reaches out for help when she needs it and communicates really well. During Terms 1 and 2 she was on the “A” honor roll.  Congratulations Dominique!

CONGRATULATIONS to Mitch Lukkonen and Logan Peterson

Logan Peterson is very motivated to graduate this year and continues to work hard to accomplish this goal. Wolf Creek staff is proud of him taking the initiative to focus on school and be successful.

Mitch Lukkonen started part-time with Wolf Creek three and half years ago.  He decided Wolf Creek was a good fit for him, so he came full time.  He passed all of his classes this year with good grades and graduated at the end of Term 2!  He has dreams of going to school to be an interior designer.

CONGRATULATIONS to Caitlin Flaherty and Dylan Murphy

Caitlin Flaherty is an extremely hard-working student. She has had many setbacks, but perseveres. She is determined to graduate on time and has already applied and been accepted to both Century College and Anoka Ramsey Community College. Caitlin has always struggled in math but with the help of our awesome math team has been passing all of her courses and attending online tutoring sessions on a regular basis. Caitlin is always respectful and sweet.

This is Dylan Murphy‘s second year at Wolf Creek. Last year as an 11th grader, Dylan completed more credits than required. Dylan’s hard work will allow him to graduate early this year to focus on his post-secondary goals. Strategies that have helped Dylan succeed at Wolf Creek are: coming to campus every Tuesday and Thursday; working hard and checking in with teachers when questions arise.

CONGRATULATIONS to Nick Dufresne and Jim Karas

Nick Dufresne came to Wolf Creek last year. This year Nick is really motivated to get his work done. He passed two cores and OTIS first term and just needs the three cores left this term to graduate!

Jim Karas joined Wolf Creek last year. The first term he was here was a challenge; however, in Terms 2-4 he turned things around and has since passed all his courses. Jim does not attend campus, but communicates with his Learning Manager on a weekly basis. He uses checklists and is motivated to graduate this year. Jim passed all his courses in Term 1!

CONGRATULATIONS to Alexis Jester and Paradise Peltier

Alexis is a senior at Wolf Creek Online High School. She is currently passing classes and making progress towards graduation! When asked what went well this term, she noted how interesting she found US History and how much fun she is having learning about and participating in the Physical Ed. activities! Being in an online school Alexis is able to manage both school and her job. Wolf Creek staff are proud of her accomplishments!

Paradise is now in her 2nd year at Wolf Creek Online High School. She is a senior working hard to graduate before June. This term Paradise worked mostly off campus and successfully passed all classes with above average grades. A flexible schedule has is helping Paradise reach her goal of graduation. Congratulations Paradise; keep up the great work!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ciara Knight and Brooke Kurkowski

Ciara is an exceptional student! She is completely on track in her classes and is completing awesome work. She balances working and school very well. Starting Wolf Creek as a Junior last year, she will graduate this year. She is looking into applying at Northwestern College and has plans to become an Elementary Education teacher. Ciara advocates and communicates well with her Learning Manager and all her teachers. Congratulations Ciara and have a great year!

Brooke started at Wolf Creek mid-year last year. This year, she is very motivated and taking 5 classes in Term 1. She is doing well in all classes and coming to campus often. Outside of school Brooke works at her family’s restaurant. After graduating from Wolf Creek she would like to pursue a career in Cosmetology. Congratulations Brooke and have a great year!