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Student of the Month

Students of the month are honored at Wolf Creek in recognition of academic achievements, positive attitudes, and contributions to the school and community. Students are nominated by their Learning Managers and elected through a series of voting by the staff.

CONGRATULATIONS to Stephon Caprioni and Dominique Sayre

Stephon Caprioni came to Wolf Creek in Term 1 this school year, and despite some challenges, passed all his classes.  Stephon is so open and appreciative of his Learning Manager’s guidance and replies every Friday to say “Thank you!”   “I see so much potential in him”, states his Learning Manager, Becki Olseen.  Wolf Creek is excited to celebrate Stephon’s accomplishments.

Dominique Sayre is a junior who is now in her 2nd year at Wolf Creek.  Dominique stays on track each week and turns in exceptional work.   She reaches out for help when she needs it and communicates really well. During Terms 1 and 2 she was on the “A” honor roll.  Congratulations Dominique!

CONGRATULATIONS to Mitch Lukkonen and Logan Peterson

Logan Peterson is very motivated to graduate this year and continues to work hard to accomplish this goal. Wolf Creek staff is proud of him taking the initiative to focus on school and be successful.

Mitch Lukkonen started part-time with Wolf Creek three and half years ago.  He decided Wolf Creek was a good fit for him, so he came full time.  He passed all of his classes this year with good grades and graduated at the end of Term 2!  He has dreams of going to school to be an interior designer.

CONGRATULATIONS to Caitlin Flaherty and Dylan Murphy

Caitlin Flaherty is an extremely hard-working student. She has had many setbacks, but perseveres. She is determined to graduate on time and has already applied and been accepted to both Century College and Anoka Ramsey Community College. Caitlin has always struggled in math but with the help of our awesome math team has been passing all of her courses and attending online tutoring sessions on a regular basis. Caitlin is always respectful and sweet.

This is Dylan Murphy‘s second year at Wolf Creek. Last year as an 11th grader, Dylan completed more credits than required. Dylan’s hard work will allow him to graduate early this year to focus on his post-secondary goals. Strategies that have helped Dylan succeed at Wolf Creek are: coming to campus every Tuesday and Thursday; working hard and checking in with teachers when questions arise.

CONGRATULATIONS to Nick Dufresne and Jim Karas

Nick Dufresne came to Wolf Creek last year. This year Nick is really motivated to get his work done. He passed two cores and OTIS first term and just needs the three cores left this term to graduate!

Jim Karas joined Wolf Creek last year. The first term he was here was a challenge; however, in Terms 2-4 he turned things around and has since passed all his courses. Jim does not attend campus, but communicates with his Learning Manager on a weekly basis. He uses checklists and is motivated to graduate this year. Jim passed all his courses in Term 1!

CONGRATULATIONS to Alexis Jester and Paradise Peltier

Alexis is a senior at Wolf Creek Online High School. She is currently passing classes and making progress towards graduation! When asked what went well this term, she noted how interesting she found US History and how much fun she is having learning about and participating in the Physical Ed. activities! Being in an online school Alexis is able to manage both school and her job. Wolf Creek staff are proud of her accomplishments!

Paradise is now in her 2nd year at Wolf Creek Online High School. She is a senior working hard to graduate before June. This term Paradise worked mostly off campus and successfully passed all classes with above average grades. A flexible schedule has is helping Paradise reach her goal of graduation. Congratulations Paradise; keep up the great work!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ciara Knight and Brooke Kurkowski

Ciara is an exceptional student! She is completely on track in her classes and is completing awesome work. She balances working and school very well. Starting Wolf Creek as a Junior last year, she will graduate this year. She is looking into applying at Northwestern College and has plans to become an Elementary Education teacher. Ciara advocates and communicates well with her Learning Manager and all her teachers. Congratulations Ciara and have a great year!

Brooke started at Wolf Creek mid-year last year. This year, she is very motivated and taking 5 classes in Term 1. She is doing well in all classes and coming to campus often. Outside of school Brooke works at her family’s restaurant. After graduating from Wolf Creek she would like to pursue a career in Cosmetology. Congratulations Brooke and have a great year!